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Table structure:

  • coverimage - File
  • creators - List of Page
  • groupaf - List of Page
  • numbprinted - Integer
  • isbn - String
  • printformat - String
  • genres - List of Page
  • year - Date
  • number_of_pages - Integer
  • type - List of Page
  • issues - Boolean

This table has 12 rows altogether.

Page coverimage creators groupaf numbprinted isbn printformat genres year number of pages type issues
Alcohol ... and that
cover Alcohol ... and that.jpg
Paul Thompson Ian Mayor Matt Gan James Wilkinson Andrew Waugh Michael Duckett Matt Bovingdon Brett Halliwell Lydia Wysocki James Cornell En Gingerboom Art Wellden Faye Stacey Holly Davis Cuttlefish Gary Bainbridge Evelyn Hewett Terry Wiley Brittany Coxon Paper Jam Comics Collective Autobiographical 2012 32 Anthology Comic
Art ... and that
cover Art ... and that.jpg
Simon Cavanagh Leo Hunt Oscillating Brow Chris Hately Michael Duckett Dennis J. Reinmüller Jack Fallows Andrew Arrowsmith Cuttlefish Georgia Campbell Holly Davis Lindsay Roberts Paul Thompson Daniel Clifford Lily Daniels Christian Kerr Brett Halliwell Terry Wiley Gary Bainbridge Andrew Waugh Brittany Coxon Paper Jam Comics Collective History Art 2010 24 Anthology Comic
Butcher's Dog Poetry Anthology Poetry Magazine Zine Yes
Butcher's Dog/11
Poetry School New Writing North 600 2051-2473 Poetry 2019 40 Poetry Anthology Magazine Zine No
Fairy Stories
Cover AnjaUhren FairyStories.png
Anja Uhren 21x21cm Fairytale 2013 28 Picture Book No
Happy ... and that
cover Happy ... and that.jpg
Michael Duckett Oscillating Brow Brett Halliwell Lydia Wysocki Anton Brand Terry Wiley Brittany Coxon Michel Gonson Cuttlefish James Wilkinson Al Summerscales Jack Fallows Ian Mayor Paper Jam Comics Collective Autobiographical 2015 24 Anthology Comic
History ... and that
cover History ... and that.jpg
Cuttlefish Brittany Coxon Oscillating Brow Daniel Clifford Lilly Daniels Simon Cavanagh Terry Wiley Ellen Anderson Paul Thompson Michael Duckett Gary Bainbridge James Cornell Andrew Waugh Christian Kerr Jack Fallows Andrew Arrowsmith Peter Vine Chris Hately Faye Stacey Leo Hunt Agnes Ole Paper Jam Comics Collective History 2010 36 Anthology Comic No
Invisible Beasts
cover Invisible Beasts.png
Paul Thompson Brittany Coxon Cuttlefish Oscillating Brow Serina Shek Terry Wiley Wip Vernooij Ellie Tarratt Michael Cunliffe Sarah Davy Andrew Davy Creative Up North Art 2016 40 Anthology
Irgendwo im Nirgendwo
Cover irgendwo im nirgendwo.png
Anja Uhren A4, A5 Poetry 2015 24 Graphic Novel No
Newcastle ... and that
cover Newcastle ... and that.jpg
Brittany Coxon Paul Thompson Gary Bainbridge Cj Reay Ian Mayor Kit Goode Oscillating Brow Callum Costello Brett Halliwell Iain Milne Lucy Dorothy Duncan Watson Nigel Maughan James Wilkinson Michel Gonson Tom Graham Sigmung Reimann Terry Wiley Lydia Wysocki Adam Fallows Jack Fallows Michael Thompson Paper Jam Comics Collective History Autobiographical 2014 48 Anthology Comic
Space Monkey ... and that
cover Space Monkey ... and that.jpg
Daniel Clifford Jack Fallows Ben Clark Paul Thompson Andrew Waugh Gary Bainbridge Lily Daniels Dan Gilmore Michael Jeffries Michael Duckett Oscillating Brow Faye Stacey Becca Swainston Cuttlefish Paper Jam Comics Collective 2009 28 Anthology Comic No
The Golden Apple Tree
Mama Lips The Golden Apple Tree Cover.jpg
Mama Lips Allegory 2019 28 Comic